Here at Tri Delta, we strive for the best by placing scholarship as a priority. Our goal is to give each sister a memorable and engaging college experience while maintaining a 2.5 GPA. We will collaborate with all members to achieve this goal, which is set higher than the GPA requirement of the University. All within our very own Tri Delta Library we offer an abundance of assistance to ensure our academic achievements, including: a book of successful studying tips and guides, study hours, wireless internet to allow infinite opportunities to study, book sales or exchanges between sisters, as well as motivating prizes to encourage excellence.

         We are honored to have so many of our sisters in leadership positions in our chapter, as well as in numerous organizations and academic honor societies on campus. Within Tri Delta we reward and help our members as much as possible; nationally Tri Delta offers numerous Undergraduate and Graduate scholarships.

        With all that we expect academically, we provide special attention to our new members,we know how frightening and difficult the transition from high school to college may be; we all have been there. We wish to motivate, model and inspire all of our new members to apply themselves throughout their college experience. Including being paired with older sisters in their major for guidance and advice. However Tri Delta does not stop during the undergraduate experience, Tri Delta is a life-long networking system that will also benefit to build and succeed in your career.

Caroline Mallon

brave, bold, kind